Monday, 24 September 2012

My very first blog

Hello all the lovely people
I am  a housewife living in delhi n luv to read beauty n makeup related blogs which i hav been doing a lot since last few months.
I Luv makeup specially lipsticks though dont buy very xpensive one.i hav two lovly daughters n they hav grown up so i hav lot of free time in my hands therefore i thought of writing blogs n here i am trying to write my first one.Oh i forgot to tell my name...
its Anu sachdeva :)
   Hope I wud b able to write intrstng can contact me at



  1. heyyy Anuu... :):)
    Nice meeting youu...
    Quickly get the Google Friend Gadget.. I will follow you. So that I won't miss your posts in my blogger.

  2. Hai...Nice blog. I'm following. Good luck. Here's mine.

    If possible remove word verification dear. Sometimes ppl don't comment only b'cuz of this :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanx Tejinder n its nice to meet you too dear.

  4. hey ur blog is nice :)
    im following u now... would love it if u follow me :)

    1. Thanx poorva n ya sure i will follow ur blog dear..