Sunday, 30 September 2012

Quick look of my two pretty nail paints...

Helloo beauties Today i went to the market and bought two pretty pretty nail paints from maybelline,these are pastel shades and are very in these days.I was so eager to try the shades that i apply them together and the outcome is very pretty.Want to show you my nailpaint so here it is:)
shades are ABSINTO &EQUILIBRISTA Girls absinto is a pastel green shade which has green shimmers in it,such a lovely shade it is.equilibristais a mauve shade n together they look super see yourself here
The cost of one nailpaint is rs.100,so girls what do you think about these nailpaints do tell me your views and suggestions. Luvs Anu

Saturday, 29 September 2012

NBBN monthly giveaway and contests alert

NBBN Monthly Giveaway & Contest Alerts - September Photobucket

Makeup and beauty first Giveaway ! It all about celebrating Bengali Durga Puja and the birthday of Samannita’ s son.

I am Girly First Mini Giveaway : Celebrating happiness and the new start of a blog

Celebrations Time-My First giveaway : Apoorva have too many reasons to celebrate including her dad's birthday.

Cute nails-First International Nail Art Contest : Enter nail art contest by Puja

do participate grls n best of luck Anu

Friday, 28 September 2012

colors of the day

Hellooo beauties
you all must have heard or read about the loreal's new infalliable eyeshadows.I have four of them and today wearing two of my favourites.I wanted to share this with all you lovely friends so here is this post:)
006 all night blue,012 endless choclate
004 forever pink 014 eternal black
My favrts among them are foreverpink and eternal black,they look very pretty on wearing together
And now my pic wearing these lovlies
and the other products i used.Hope you girls like it....)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My inglot lipstick refills

Hello lovely people,I am very happy with my recent online purchase which was inglot lipstick refills.I have read so much about them so i thought to give a try n i bought six of they are:

They are very nicely packaged in these plastics cover and are very safe in them too.
shades l-r in top row -10,33,56
second  row l-r-73,83,86

All the shades are very pretty and very pigmented,color payoff is very good. They have a very pleasant fragrance which gradually fades.I am thinking of adding more shades to my collection.


Monday, 24 September 2012

My very first blog

Hello all the lovely people
I am  a housewife living in delhi n luv to read beauty n makeup related blogs which i hav been doing a lot since last few months.
I Luv makeup specially lipsticks though dont buy very xpensive one.i hav two lovly daughters n they hav grown up so i hav lot of free time in my hands therefore i thought of writing blogs n here i am trying to write my first one.Oh i forgot to tell my name...
its Anu sachdeva :)
   Hope I wud b able to write intrstng can contact me at