Friday, 5 October 2012

My First Award From My Friend Radha

Hello Beauties,
Recently I got my first award from Radha krishnakumar.She is a blogger and her blog is
Radha is my blogger friend and is veryyy sweet and helpful.The Award is"One Lovely Blog Award".
Thanks a lot Radha for nominating my blog for this award.

My very first award
I got to know Radha through NBBN.She is writing good reviews and DIY in her blog.



  7  Things about Me:
1.I am simple and don't like show offs.
2.I am funloving and I love to do masti with my daughters.
3. I love hindi movies and songs.
4.I always ended in buying more makeupstuff than that I have decided.
5.I am from New Delhi and I am professionaly qualified to be a teacher but i decided to stay home. 
6.I belong to punjabi family and thus punjabi by nature.
7.I have a sensitive heart and i never want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Now  it is the time to share this Award and  I am sharing it with:
     Apoorva Writes
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